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Since January 1st 2021, Import and Export formalities on goods moving to and from the UK/ EU will immediately are mandatory.

Other regulations, in respect of origin, quality and safety of goods, also apply.

For export shipments moving from the UK to EU Countries, export declarations are needed to enable shipments to proceed.

EFI is an HMRC Approved Customs Broker.
Our staff input data directly into the HMRC systems, with live tracking and 24/7 coverage as standard. 

Make sure you have the necessary steps in place, get in touch with our team now and let a qualified customs clearance agent walk you through the procedures, step by step. 

Customs Clearance Services 

  • Import and Export Customs Formalities

  • Declaration Filing

  • Security Filing

  • Payment of Duties and Taxes

  • Government paperwork​

  • In Transit Movement​

  • Electronic Documentation

  • Specialist Documents

  • ATA Carnets

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Qualified team of customs clearance agents based in Sussex for advice and guidance

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