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International Race Assist

Having our own driver, two-times champion John Byrne, in the Catherham Seven Championship, we are familiar with the shipping and customs challenges involved in the International race circuit.


This branch of our company is dedicated to assisting both teams and privateers in getting their vehicles from race to race with zero hassle or delays. Drawing on our 27+ years of experience in shipping to race events worldwide we are perfectly suited to assist you in any capacity you need, be that shipping your car anywhere around the world or arranging customs paperwork to enable you to visit European races post Brexit. Whatever you need, EFI have you covered. 

Get in touch and see what we can do.

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  • Door to track shipping anywhere in the world

  • Assistance with Customs clearance paperwork 

  • Advice and guidance on ATA Carnets 

  • Track day car transportation​

  • Vehicle storage 

  • Get a quick and accurate quotation

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