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EFI management and staff are committed to operating sustainable services.

We develop policies and services to minimise our impact on the environment and actively support national and international community projects.

We can all do more to lessen the impact of our industry on the planet. Our teams continue to work with organisers and suppliers to find ways of working better and smarter.


You can see more on what we're doing here

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Pallet Recycling 

As part of our service to event organisers EFI collect and remove unwanted/ abandoned pallets at the end of the show.

These are returned to our local warehouse and assessed, repaired and returned to the freight system. Those beyond repair are broken down and the wood is recycled.

Advanced Receiving 

EFI pioneered the use of advanced receiving warehouses for European events and now operate the service for events all over the world.


A generous delivery window enables customers to utilise routine delivery resources, avoiding additional journeys, long delays at show site and cutting carbon emissions.


Fewer vehicles on site means less trucks on the road and less CO2 at the venue.

Adavnced receiving warehouse.jpg

Watching our Carbon Footprint

EFI have teamed up with CO2Balance to monitor the impact our business has on the environment. Our activities are assessed on an annual basis. We then choose to offset our carbon deficit through a series of managed CO2Balance projects.

To read more about the amazing projects CO2Balance are involved in visit their website:

Charity/ Community Support

EFI management are committed to supporting international charities and regional community projects.


EFI Director Ashley Head serves on the JDRF UK Challenge Events committee. In 2011 his team raised over GBP 900,000 for diabetes research in the UK.


JDRF funds research projects aimed at finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.


In 2009 Ash helped set up Friends For Life in the UK.
From 2017 until 2021 he served as a Trustee of T-1 Today UK 

EFI support local community-owned football club Lewes FC, the only football club in the world to provide equal budgets for it’s male and female teams.

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