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EFI management and staff are committed to operating sustainable services effectively at all times.

We have developed policies and services to minimise our impact on the environment and actively support national and international community projects. For more information contact our Sustainability Champion.

  • EFI Pallet Patch-Up: Recycling In The Freight System

    EFI Pallet Patch-Up: Recycling In The Freight System

    As part of our service to event organisers, EFI collect and remove unwanted/ abandoned pallets at the end of the show.

    These are returned to our local warehouse facility and assessed. Those we can repair are returned to the freight system, those too badly damaged are broken up and recycled with other discarded wood packaging, or used as dunnage for container loading (where the wood is ISPM 15 treated/ compliant).

  • Sustainable Packing Solutions

    Sustainable Packing Solutions

    EFI provide and encourage the use of bolted, returnable cases made to ISPM 15 standard from sustainable resources.

    Smart, re-usable packaging protects properties for both the outward and the return or onward journey. Our on site teams work with venues to recycle cardboard and wood packaging not used for outbound/ return transport. Our pallet recycling program is a continuing success story (see above).

  • Advanced Receiving

    Advanced Receiving

    EFI pioneered the use of advanced receiving warehouses for European events and now operate the service for events all over the world. A generous delivery window enables customers to utilise routine delivery resources, avoiding additional journeys, long delays at show site and cutting carbon emissions. Less vehicles on site means less CO2 at the venue and less trucks on the road.

  • Watching Our Carbon Footprint

    Watching Our Carbon Footprint

    EFI have teamed up with CO2Balance to monitor the impact our business has on the environment.

    Our activities are assessed on an annual basis. We then choose to offset our carbon deficit through a series of managed projects through CO2Balance. Here’s a link to some of the projects supported by CO2Balance.

  • E-Business


    Our interactive website has been in operation since 2001 providing paperless online information and booking services for exhibitors and contractors. Shipping instructions have been distributed electronically since Y2000. In 2007 we introduced voluntary electronic billing for customers who can accept invoices via e-mail. EFI continue to invest in e-business solutions to streamline customer services and minimize the out-dated paper trail.

  • Charity/ Community Support

    Charity/ Community Support

    EFI management are committed to supporting international charities and regional community projects.

    EFI Director Ashley Head serves on the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Challenge Events committee. In 2011 his team raised over GBP 900,000 for JDRF in the UK. JDRF funds research projects aimed at finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. He also serves on faculty for Children With Diabetes at their annual Friends for Life conference in Florida and takes an active role in organising the corresponding event in the UK.

  • Vehicle Emissions

    Vehicle Emissions

    Suppliers and vehicle operators working for EFI must conform to the latest environmental protocols.

    New vehicles are deployed to maintain carbon emission efficiency. EFI management and staff use fuel-efficient vehicles and the company operate commercial vehicles to EU CAT4 as a minimum standard. EFI vehicles are serviced regularly to maintain optimum fuel efficiency.

  • Case Study:
    Oceanology/ Interspill, Excel, London

    Download our report on vehicle reductions achieved through use of our advanced receiving facilities.

    For more information on ARFs visit services or contact EFI here.