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EFI management and staff are committed to maintaining safe working practices at all times.

We have developed policies and services to help make event sites as safe and controlled as possible.

  • Health & Safety: Part of our Daily Thinking

    Health & Safety: Part of our Daily Thinking

    We worked hard with H&S professionals including IOSH-trained managers to ensure our approach to Health & Safety issues remains updated and relevant to our daily business. Every member of our team, from the Managing Director to our on site operators, is committed to keeping our working environments as safe as possible – for us, our customers and our customers’ customers.

  • Sustainable Packing Solutions

    Qualified Guidance and Review Procedures

    EFI contract IOSH-trained personnel to review our procedures and activities on a regular basis. Our teams undergo regular independent assessment by independent Health & Safety personnel and officers.

  • Sustainable Packing Solutions
  • Sustainable Packing Solutions
  • EFI Pallet Patch-Up: Recycling In The Freight System

    Training: Informing Our People

    As SOP we issue each event team with a clear set of instructions outlining our expectations for best/ safe working practices on that event site. These are tailored for each venue and type of event, essential when handling the diverse equipment and demands of our customers. We receive feedback from our on-site operatives to adjust best practice and to keep us on the right track.

  • Sustainable Packing Solutions

    Equipment and Environment Policies

    EFI conduct safety tests on all lifting and handling equipment to maintain current safety standards. Our operators are trained in the use of equipment and are instructed to carry out daily maintenance checks on their equipment and to report any faults or defects immediately. EFI operate an active environmental policy and seek to reduce or offset carbon emissions.

What This Means For Our Customers

Organisers appointing EFI Logistics show a commitment to health & safety on their event sites and provide their customers with a contractor not only renowned for quality of customer care but rated highly for health & safety by the world’s leading H&S assessment companies.